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MECC Trust an independent charity established in 1979.

Over 40 years we’ve provided vital help to local people to get their lives back on track.

Many clients are some of the most vulnerable people in Birmingham’s poorest wards.

Last year, 2022, we helped over 4500 clients to get their life back on track.

Direct Action through local people is how we get things done.

If you would like to volunteer or work with us please get in touch.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 10am- 4pm
Telephone: 0121 440 3500


Household Support Fund

Grants of up to £200 per household can be used to support pensioners with food and energy costs.
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Help With Benefits

Tax Credits and other benefits will now all be rolled into one payment known as Universal Credit. This transition has people nervous about them nervous about how it will impact their finances. We are here to help.
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Help Getting a Job

We understand finding a job is not always easy or straightforward. Sometimes, a helpful push can be all you need to get that application form or CV done.
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Get Healthy

MECC have seen the impact the pandemic has had on the eldery community. As a response we have Wellbeing walks twice a week and talks that help build the trust and confidence for them to start socialising again.
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Get Creative

When working-class people get excited about art things can get interesting. We believe art can be a powerful tool to raise awareness about important things such as social injustice.
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Mobile Advice Service

You’ll find us in a big purple truck – you can’t really miss it. Here our team will invite you on board to offer one-to-one advice.
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MECC had the pleasure of delivering a project aimed at the resisdents of Balsall Heath and the idea to improve the EPC in all houses we can access for free.

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93 Court Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 9LQ

+44 121 440 3500

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